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After sales

It is necessary for TOYO-AC’s success, as well as our customers’ success, that we provide a more usable, more productive, and more dependable product.


Since the institution’s formation, TOYO-AC Corporation has been built on the premise to serve our customers with a product that is functional and offers exceptional productive performance. In accordance with this policy, TOYO-AC Corporation is devoted to
bringing customers the highest quality in products and support.

TOYO-AC Corporation’s basic policy of after-sales service is: Regardless of the machine’s activation date, TOYO-AC will in good
faith, make provisions to provide parts and service to best support customers.
In order for customers to use our product for many years to come, we have built our machines with the following features in mind:

  • Software and hardware that can be modified or adapted to meet changing market requirements while considering future provisional opportunities..
  • Sourcing commercialized products from other manufacturers to provide customers with support due to part obsolescence.
  • TOYO-AC will keep needed components or prepare replacement goods in the event other manufacturers suspend production of their products.

Our machines, designed for 20-30+ years of life are engineered with after-sales care in mind.

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