about us

    TOYO-AC Company was established in the field of refrigeration and cryogenic systems in Japan in 1991. After some years, with the improvement of the ability of experts of this company, the company began to produce in commercial and residential areas and faced with high market acceptance. Today, TOYO-AC Company is one of the major manufacturers of residential and commercial air conditioning systems in Japan. The company, modern manufacturers of HVAC equipment, has a single product design, R & D and production line based on consumer and sales representative's demand .TOYO-AC Company has quality control unit and modern test rooms in order to control the capability of the produced devices according to the weather conditions in different regions of the sale.

    The main policy of the company is to invest a large percentage of the annual profits in research on raising the level of quality and use of new products with high efficiency and based on the different parts of the world for various clients. R & D and the ability to produce variety of products have caused the company to be able to export its products to all the countries including East Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America. One of the most important policies of the company is to design products based on the demand of consumers. According to the weather and the type of user, customers' demands were prioritized for designing the products. The products were produced carefully. TOYO-AC Company continued the route with difficulty in order to become a popular global brand among clients due to high quality and customer satisfaction in the industry of ventilation.

    our products

    Today, we are honored to announce that TOYO-AC is one of the top brands in the field of air-conditioning systems in the world. The main reason for this is capacity diversity from 1.5 KW of mobile air condition to 1000 KW of screw chiller or Centrifugal chiller. The diversity of our products and the capacity help us be able to supply the demand of a home application customer in South America with a wall mounted split unit as well as the demand of a large commercial customer for a large shopping center with air cooled screw chiller in the UAE in the Middle East.

    This means that TOYO-AC is for both small home application and large commercial system; and TOYO-AC has its own special product for every customer in every part of the world. One of the main specialties of the company is to produce medical products and specially air handling unit (hygienic AHU) and clean room which have high quality; it is the technology taken from European and American popular brands which have valid standards such as CE and TUV.

    quality test

    All the products of the company is designed and manufactured according to the highest possible quality. After making and before packaging are tested in the test rooms and laboratories in the company and then are delivered to the customer. This process is to avoid causing any problems for the customer and the consumer.

    our factories

    At first, in 1991, TOYO-AC  Company began to produce refrigeration and cryogenic systems in Japan. Then in 2002, due to the ability of the company, it began to produce industrial and commercial  air conditioning equipment including screw chiller and fan coils. Due to high volume production and the demands of domestic and foreign market and entry to residential  air conditioning market, the new branch of company was established in Thailand in 2012. The new company produced a large volume of commercial air conditioning products including chillers, fan coils, vrv and air conditioning in the company in Japan in addition to the production of air-conditioners including different types of Split unit at a very high volume in the company in Thailand and export to other countries.